Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years

Been trying to find out when the last ferry is from the other side so we can go to the fireworks over there. There doesn't seem to be anything organised for this side at all. The last ferry (which has been added just for tonight) is at midnight! What a stroke of genius!! Guess we will be watching them from a vantage point over here.

It is also the first day of Eid today - the slitting throats one. People are confined to designated throat-cutting centres. Yesterday there was a thing in the news about a bull getting away from some men who were trying to get it back into their truck (yes truck) so they could take it home for today's celebrations. Anyway the bull got away and about 5 men were hanging onto the rope. One man was throwing rocks at the poor thing! I do not know what happened next but there were people on the ground and it was quite a rammy! No doubt they will be visiting casualty along with all the others who really should be more careful wielding a knife.

So we are off until Thursday (Umut though is off all week - jammy ##%%$#!) What to do...?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas over...

Had a great time over Christmas. Mum was here so got double spoilt! and looked after and cooked for. Basically I have had a wonderful week. I have loads of face packs and chocolate (I see the connection now!)

Umut pulled out all the stops and I am now the proud owner of EVERYTHING!!!! We need a bigger house!!

Unfortunately back the the stresses of work today. It is the year 3 play tomorrow and Thursday night and peps (NOT I!!) are getting very stressed about it. Deary me! I always thought that school plays were ways for children to have fun with what they had learnt - seem to have got that very wrong... Never mind it is snowing now. I could pray for a snowday!

Hope all had a great Christmas and that you are all warm and well!

New Photos

Sunday, December 17, 2006


So I have replaced all that tv with youtube clearly
I have been giggling at this:

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Have been messing around on YouTube while someone watches the footy and found this.
(The music is by Sezen Aksu if you are interested)

It of course shows Istanbul in a very idyllic light and one bathed in sunlight (which is missing at the mo!) It also does not show the terrible traffic and the streets full of whopping great big holes. I don't actually take the piss out of those with 4x4s here. The hill next to our house from the motorway in front of our house has to be taken at speed otherwise cars slide back down!! I'm not joking. You see them in the morning taxiing to starting positions as if it were some kind of runway.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Those of you who spend time with children either your own or the variety that you return at the end of the day will know that there are lots of smells and a whole manner of vile excretions and emissions, alive and dead which come out of them at various velocities. I can deal with most of them, but stringy snot and vomit really give me trouble!!
Today I met with one of them - projectile vomit!!
I was on corridor duty which starts at 8.30. First child up the stairs says morning and then promptly empties her breakfast all over the floor. Fabby start to the day! - Little girl well btw. A cuddle, a back rub and a glass of water go a long way!

End of the Season

What to do!!! House and NCIS finish this week! They were on every day. Lost season 3 is starting but I cannot really be arsed with it! Bones hmmm not so much! He's not Angel anymore! Don't get me started on Numb3rs!! BOLLOCKS!!!

We have Digiturk which means that I get all some 'no bad TV'. We even get Sea of Souls from home!! We get quite up-to-date series and it beats BBC Prime anyday (really how many home improvement shows can you watch!!!?) But seasons are coming to an end an our shows are finishing. What will I do without House and NCIS of an evening? How will I possibly wind down now? Oh my God how sad am I?

Crimble tree

Got the crimble tree up at the weekend.

We have had a tiny little one which would cope with the moving house for ages and this time decided to get a bigger one (mums coming over - better make an effort!!) You cannot really get very big ones here and I have never seen real ones anywhere so I got a fake one just over a meter and put it one a table to give it some extra height. Its got the gifts under it and some quite tasteful decorations on it even if I do say so myself.
When I was in the store a group of young Carrefour employees were decorating a tree in the shop! I really had to force myself not to go over and give them a hand. It was terrible!! The decorations were not coordinated and they hadn't pulled all the branches out so it looked really moth eaten. Deary me!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Making complaints and shopping

I hate making complaints - please don't confuse this with complaining cos I will happily do that til the cows come home - and then moan about the time they got home and the mess they made when they came in!
I finally made a complaint at work. I cannot believe I did it cos I spend most of my time worrying about getting into trouble for standing up to others. Anyway, I did it and I feel wonderful for doing it - I wonder if I am going to turn into one of those people?

Started the Christmas shopping today!!! Got quite a bit of it done actually which is quite an achievement since it doesn't even exist here. No jolly music sweeping you through the shops - no carefully laid out areas of gifts for him and her and absolutely nothing that I could use as stocking fillers!!! but I have done my best and will no doubt have to do my best a couple of more times in the near future before I get it right!
I finally managed to find some cards which could pass as Christmas cards so will be doing that tomorrow night - after work another Saturday at work - I should complain more me thinks!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

one of those days

Excuse me while I moan. Feel free to skim this to the happier parts (which I hope will come once I have wined a bit and the G&T has kicked in)
crap day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have wanted to punch and kick things from the second I opened my eyes this morning and the feeling has been pretty much encouraged to stay, fester and even develop over the course of the day. No one likes to be given extra work (especially when those around them spend their day IMing and generally fannying about.) I have always thought that I had an expressive face and that it was easy to tell when it was a good time to ask me to do something and when it is a good time to give me a wide berth. But no! one of my co workers always seems to ask me to 'help'. What do I have to do before I am left alone - spit venom?
There was a fashion show today which we took the kids to. I seems that little boys begin to letch after blondes in short skirts from a very early age. I was much impressed to see the 8-year-old girls glaring at their male counterparts for cheering the totty!! Shame they didn't clip them off the back of the head. Might save them doing it later in life.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Buses and Bust Ups

You'll never guess what I saw this weekend!
As you will no doubt have gathered from my ramblings - we live next to a motorway. Well, on this motorway there are bus stops where buses stop and just like in Edinburgh they pull out willy nilly! However, unlike on Princes Street, here the cars are going MUCH faster. Yesterday I saw a great big BMW 4x4 thingy get pulled out in front of and he came to a halt in front of the bus and there started a right royal argy bargy!!! Hands waving, punches flying, women fainting, rocks smashing windows, passengers joining in - getting on another bus and that bus' driver feeling the need to get involved too!! It kept me entertained for a good ten minutes!!!

On the 'ahhh' meter: Today I did some hand painting in the Kindergarten (everyone but one child is off sick!!). We had a cracking time spodging paint about, having a blether about colours and the sounds the paint was making going splat on the paper. Now, I always measure pleasure with painting on the muck scale - the more the better!! So, off we went to wash our hands and faces which were covered in every colour under the sun. And what did my adorable little womble do? Did she wash her face or her hands first? Yep, she washed her face with her green hands! Hehehehe. I love working with children! They don't half make you smile!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

A would be weekend

I really should have that yippee it is Friday feeling but it has escaped - I must do the unspeakable and go to work tomorrow. We don't have parents evenings here! Noooo we have parents Saturday!!!

What sucks even more is that I have it next weekend too!!!

Parents can come to speak to us during 2 one hour blocks during the week and just in case they miss that they can pop along on a Saturday too!!! Can you imagine the reaction to that in a British staffroom!

Ach well, I have sausage eggs and chips to look forward to. Well sausages...? Not proper ones - more like meat forced into a cylindrical shape (get that smile off!!!) But I do have HP Sauce!!!