Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ramadan Holidays

This holiday we went to Ankara to see the in laws.

We have not really had a good look at Ankara since we left 3 years ago and it has changed so much. It is like a real city now. The shopping is cracking and that is from some one who does not shop! I'm not sure if this is something I like or not but many of the shops are British Top Shop Next River Island Dorothy Perkins M&S Claire Accessorize Clarks etc. Very stange at least I understand the sizes of the clothes there!! And they are clothes designed for Brits! ie big bums!!!!!!

We had a great time at Umuts mums and is was a treat to be looked after and to eat yummy Turkish food. After a few months of eating rushed cooked-after-work-and-too-tired-to-care food and was a welcomed treat!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend over

That Sunday feeling has struck.

bugger!!! back to work tomorrow

Listening to Jonathon Ross on the radio hoping that will cheer me up but the music is crap - no idea what it is - something to do with black country rock = has that got something to do with Birmingham? googled it = david bowie - still crap.

changed the hair colour today. first time around tried to do some subtle bits of ginger but instead got a big blob of pillarbox red so had to put the rest of the dye on my whole head. now most of it is red and there are some very red bit now - this stuff normally fades after a couple of washes anyway....

nope jonathon ross is nipping my head one minute please...

lets try dermot.

started to make our own web page.

hope to get some good stuff on it soon.

Friday, October 06, 2006

First Month

Have been here just about a month now and beginning to get it.

Getting around is quite easy and folks are so helpful = not like Ankara where people just stare!! In fact, a notable absence of staring - thank fuck!!! - odd, Ive just noticed that peps here don't stare... (should I worry - have i lost it?) Anyway enough of the staring thing.

Living next to the motorway - cannot be healthy, slowly trying to fill the house with plants in a blond attempt to negate the fumes - no idea if it will work but looks good and makes me feel a bit better so who cares. However, the motorway and the ability to flag a bus down on the motorway (and to walk along the motorway if you like) means I can get anywhere fast! Though I have not really gone anywhere. Still haven't gone over to the other european side no boat trips or anything.

Finally up and running though on the internet front took a while because

Moved to temporary accomodation when we first got here - a tiny flat in a cool location in Acibadem. we didn't do anything there cos we knew we would be moving. Then we moved to a not so cool flat in a horrid area with the world's most noisy dogs and no heating!! for crying out loud it had a stove thing in the living room - very village meets city and hnot in a good way. AND We could hardly ourselves think over the noise from the street and don't get me strarted on the nights when Fener were playing at home - that close to the stadium. Started to get things going there - phone, digital TV etc and then we moved YIPPEE.

Now we have a home - finally. more about that later.

The area is alright. A short walk to school and a market on a thursday so lots of yummy fresh fruit and veg.
School... My voice box is buggered!!! The kids like to talk talk talk and it doesn't seem to matter what I do (or anyone else it seems) they do not want to listen. Makes teaching a challenge but it is anyway!
Im also teaching in the nursery which is cool - the age goup i like working with.
Today is a holiday - Saving of Istanbul Day. We we are off today but back to school tomorrow to meet the parents. I am giving a presentation too!! presenting what the yabancis (foreigners) do. Need to dress smartly and get my hair done (argh!!!)