Saturday, May 19, 2007


Umut and I are pleased to introduce a new member of our family unit; Molly.
Molly was found bedraggled in a storm drain on Friday, is just under 4 weeks old and a bit straggly. She has a nasty cut on her bottom lip which seems to be getting better, is scared of water and will not drink from a bowl - only off your hand or from her bottle. Molls likes sleeping on people's necks, playing with pockets and seems to enjoy watching football on the TV (shame the season is coming to an end....).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Classes

My student sent me these pictures she had taken of one of my classes. They show very nicely how quickly the wind can change direction.


Have wanted to watch this for ages. Got it to watch on one of those portable DVD player thingies on a long distance bus not too long ago and of course the battery ran out before it finished. So someone was smiling on me last night when I flicked sadly at the TV, only to catch the start of Serenity!!!
Eeh, it were good.
Not long to go to the summer holidays now. It is getting hot now, and I must admit that school is the last place I want to be these days. The sun is shining so nicely outside, tempting even the palest of gingerheads out into the rays! (along with the very sexy factor 50 times 10 to the power of 6) At least out into a shady wee drinking hole!