Friday, April 27, 2007

Leaving by Air

Left home for the last time yesterday and I would be lying if I denied a few teary moments. (full blown torrent of snot more like!) Mum and dad are selling up and off to Wales so that's it no more Dunfy.

The pilot must have known 'cos he obliged me by flying along the Forth so I could see all my haunts including our last house in Glasgow. Then we went down the west coast over Hadrian's Wall, the Lake District, Liverpool and Runcorn where Umut and I drove through on our way to Wales in August. We could see Wales stretching out in front of us though not as far as Pembrokeshire. Then it was a left at Birmingham and off to London. I have to say BA are quite good, better than KLM and miles better than THY - easypeasy lemon squeezy!!! They even have a direct flight to Ankara now, mind you it is ridiculously expensive 168 pounds return to Istanbul and 300 pounds to Ankara!! No idea why, but the direct flight is not worth the extra 132 pounds!!! You could go and come back several times on THY for that!!! Seem to have drifted off topic somewhat!
Anyhoo that was the last trip home and it was really weird. Part of me wanted to go as soon as I got there to get it over and done with. The other part of me just wanted to stay and not come back here. Guess if you fly the nest, the nest will eventually be used by other chicks!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Umut's Big Day

umuts ceremony

Umut's citizenship thingie!

Umut had his citizenship ceremony last week and is now officially a Brit!!!

In the spirit of things, he and dad donned the kilt and really looked the part. It was a funny wee ceremony where Umut and a few others recited an oath and then the National Anthem was played (the CD got stuck!!!)
The kilt is a fine piece of attire and Umut really looked good in it!! Shame it had to go back to the shop!!!!! Anyhoo, got the pictures and a sly wee smile creeps across my face when I close my eyes!!!!!

Men on planes

Sorry - has it really been so long!!!?

Anyway, rant time!
Why, oh why do men think they have the right to hog the space on planes?

Putting seats back when people are eating and then stretching their legs out in other people's space and hogging the armrest! OHHHHH!!! And then you cannot really say to much to them, at least I feel I cannot say too much to them, 'cos if they are full of drink/grumpy/tired/not fond of flying or any other reason, I end up sitting next to/behind someone who hogs the space and sends out evil vibes in my general direction: not what one needs in a confined space!!